DIY Showpiece using Old Newspaper

Learn how to make a beautiful DIY showpiece using old newspaper. This is one of the best DIY home decor craft. You must try this awesome DIY room decor craft. You need not worry if you haven’t made any DIY room decor craft or any show piece, you just have to follow few easy steps and your masterpiece is ready. Grab your crafting stuff and get ready to make this awesome and easy showpiece using old and waste newspaper. So, let’s get started.

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Material Required

  • 1. Cardboard Cutouts
  • 2. Glue Gun
  • 3. Glue
  • 4. Paint Brush
  • 5. Wooden Stick
  • 6. Newspaper
  • 7. Cutter
  • 8. Spray Paint
  • 9. Decorative Stones
  • 10. Ball Chain
  • 11. Half Pearl Beads Leaf Shape

Note: – You can buy all these products online or can buy at any local art and craft store


1) Take a newspaper, cut it and make sticks from it using a wooden stick as shown in the video.

2) After making newspaper sticks, quill them and make a big circle.

3) Take newspaper sticks and quill them and press it from one side to give it leave shape.

4) Now, take cardboard cutouts and paste them using a glue gun (as shown in the video).

5) Take newspaper and roll it as shown in the video, fix it at the center of the cardboard.

6) Paste small newspaper quill leaves on the circle and on birds using a glue gun (as down in the video).

7) Now, paste that circle on the rolled newspaper using a glue gun.

8) Paint the cardboard and newspaper using metallic color, acrylic color and spray paint.

9) Decorate it using decorative stones, ball chain, and half pearl beads leaf shape.

Your awesome and easy DIY showpiece using old newspaper is ready, make this stunning showpiece and show your creativity to your dear ones. Stay tuned for more art and craft using old newspapers and cardboard.


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