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Best Out of Waste From Bangles

Best Out of Waste From Bangles – Everyone in their houses has lots of waste material, and as it called a waste, we do not care about it. However, you can actually create something useful and cool stuff using such garbage, like if you have waste plastic bottles in your home then you can try many things with plastic bottle crafts, as we published earlier.

In this edition, you will find how you can get best out of waste from bangles. Especially for girls who love bangles, they can make something unique and cool things using their old stuff.

Here are the top 10 amazing crafting ideas using old or waste bangles you can try and plan rebirth of you waste stuff.

1. Wall Hanging From Waste Bangles

5Making the wall hanging from waste bangles is the best way to recycle this. Just a few molds and you are almost done. If you want to reshape your idea and really want to make something unique and useful to decorate your home, just grab your old useless bangles and start crafting. After collecting your old plastic bangles select the color which you love the most and a candle to heat. Just shape it as you can see in the picture and paste together. Make few sets of different shapes and molds and with a help of thread hang them together on a wall.

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2. DIY Candle Ideas Using Waste Bangles

bangle_tealight_candleThe last idea of getting best with waste from bangles is a little bit tough for people who are uncomfortable with crafting. So, now we bring you the simple craft idea using bangles, you can make cute and colorful small candle at home. To make this you just need some bangles with different colors of your choice, make a vertical stake and paste it with the glue gun and you are done. Put a small candle inside and light it up.

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Note: You have to collect the bangles which are same in its sizes.

3. Pen Stand Using Bangles

SANY0192Same as the DIY candle craft idea from bangle you just need to replace the candle, and you have to put a solid bottom cover which will make it stronger. To make the base of the pen stand you should also try some waste material, so here we suggest you, put the compact disk (waste CD), and decorate it as shown in the picture and we are ready to go. However, you need to take few more waste bangles to make this pen stand long in height.

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4. Jewellery Box

2.-waste-bangles-art-ideasIsn’t it a brilliant idea to make a Jewellery box at home using old or waste bangles? Yes! It is, then why you waiting a few minutes and we are done. Do make best out of waste from bangles you need a few colorful bangles and a small box. Now break the bangles into small pieces and get a glue gun and just paste these pieces over this box and this is it and complete, wait for few minutes and put what you want to carry with.

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5. Photo frame

Recycled-Broken-Bangles-Picture-Frame-ArtThis is one of the most beautiful ideas to get the best from waste bangles. Even you can gift this product to someone because creating the own collage as a gift is an outstanding idea. To make a DIY bangles photo frame you need to collect the pieces of colorful bangles and a cardboard. Just fix these stuff as you can see in the picture.

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6. DIY Best Out Waste From Bangles for Kids

8851365291_f87ecd0bee_hKids love to create, destroy and recreation, so why not, you should try something amazing which is cost effective. Let them learn in the way they actually love. Ask them to make a bird from your waste bangles and believe that they would love it. Put a drawing on a white paper and ask them to follow easy steps and let them explore.

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7. DIY Light Lamp Using Waste Bangles

5.-waste-bangles-art-ideasAs we made the pen stand add few more steps and this is what you actually call the light lamp. Take same in size waste bangles, make a vertical stake and just over the both ends with glass or wooden board. The next thing you need to do is, take a light holder and fix it inside the bangles. The next step you have to do is, “turn on the switch”.

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8. Wind Chimes

wind chimeMusic is a feeling which gives you relief from stress. If you have some spare bangles which are made of glass you need to hang them as shown in the picture and put this cute and colorful homemade wind chimes near a window and feel the real music. This is one of the best things you can actually do with you waste bangles. To make it more beautiful you can use the small heart shaped stones.

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9. DIY: Tribal Bangles

img_0017Are you looking for something unique things to do with your tribal bangles then you need to follow these steps to make them more amazing? Take a solid color tribal bangle color it, which is your favorite, just find some cool designs and start painting. After a few hours, they are ready to beautify your wrist again.

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10. Wall Hanging With CD

hqdefaultMany people are searching for how to make a wall hanging using waste bangles. However, we already explain in title one about the wall hanging from waste bangles, but it was a tough task. This time this is easier than other. If you have steel or hard metal bangles then you can use here. Just arrange them as shown in the picture and you are done. Put a CD as a centerpiece and it ready to make your wall amazing.

Image Source

This is a unique thing to do, using your waste stuff to create something cute and useful. These ideas to get best out of waste from bangles are really awesome and doing such activities are the really cute thing to do, because you can use your extra time, so guys try these superb DIY bangle crafting ideas and Keep Crafting.


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