How to Make Flower Vase With Newspaper- Make a beautiful flower vase at home using old newspaper. This brilliant best out of waste video will show you how to make a homemade flower vase with newspaper.

For this newspaper craft idea, you need…

1. Waste News Papers
2. Glue, Mirror Decorative Pieces, Metallic Colors
3. Pencil, Paper Cutter, Paint Brushes, Wooden Stick, Scissor
4. Half Perls Sheet Sticker
5. Round shaped box or container for supporting proper shape

All this Material is easily available at home, and for vase decoration you can use anything else as per the availability or you can buy decorative material online at a very affordable cost too.

This is surely among the most beautiful things made by waste material and creative things to do with newspapers. It is very easy to make a newspaper pot like this one.

Just follow the step by step directions in this newspaper craft tutorial and soon you will be able to make a flower vase from waste material.

This is a great DIY crafts for adults who want to do something creative in their free time. Plus you will also get a handmade flower vase in this way.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready with your old newspapers and watch this flower vase making video now. If you want more ideas for best out of waste project, do not forget to check out other amazing craft tutorials on Crafting Hours!


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