DIY Newspaper Photo Frame- Make your own picture frames from waste material using old newspapers. Best out of waste cannot get better than this newspaper craft activity.

For this Waste Material Craft You Need…

1. Waste Cardboard Piece
2. Waste News Papers
3. Golden Spray
4. Glue, Paper Cutter
5. Glass Pieces, Ready made Flowers for Decoration

You can buy Golden Spray, and Decorating Charms online at a very reasonable cost.

This tutorial will show you how to make a picture frame out of newspaper. It has easy step by step directions to help you make a simple handmade photo frame that will turn your photos into beautiful memories. This newspaper photo frame can also be used as a quick DIY gift item.

So, what are you waiting for? Collect some old newspapers and watch this best out of waste tutorial to learn how to make a photo frame at home. If you want more newspaper craft ideas or looking for cool best out of waste projects, do not forget to check out other DIY crafts tutorials on Crafting Hours!


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