Newspaper Basket Craft – Best out of Waste Idea. In this video you will learn how to make newspaper basket step by step process.

This is basket can be used for keeping small several house hold items Decorative baskets are a superb idea for gift, they’re an extremely good way to handmade a personalized gift parcel.

It is one of the astonishing craft activities where everyone will love this newspaper tutorial.

For making this Newspaper craft decorative basket, you will need the following things in the materials like:

1. Waste Newspaper, Glue Gun, Glue
2. Paper Cutter, Scissor, Wooden Stick
3. Acrylic Color (Yellow), Paint Brush
4. Decorative Pink Half Cut Stones, Half Pearls, Foam Flowers (Pink and White)

You can buy above items from any online store at a very low cost. These products are available in the market too.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start this fun activity with waste newspaper and make it best out of waste craft. Stay tuned to crafting hours for more updates.


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