DIY Gift Box With A Card For Mothers Day

In this crafting hours tutorial, you will learn how to make a DIY gift box with a card for mothers day. This is one of the best cards you can give to your mom. It is a special card carrying a heartwarming message for you mom. Give her surprise by making this amazing DIY gift box with a card for mothers day. For this DIY craft, you have to follow few easy and simple steps. So, without any adieu grab your crafting material and let’s get started.

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Material Required for gift box with card

  • 1. Double Sided Tape
  • 2. Foam Double Sided Tape
  • 3. Ruler
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Quilling Needle
  • 6. Glue
  • 7. Silicone Glue
  • 8. Scissor
  • 9. Eraser
  • 10. Metal Charm
  • 11. Glue Gun
  • 12. Ribbon
  • 13. Quilling Strip (3 mm and 11 inches)
  • 14. Pastel Sheet Oval Shape(5 X 6 cm)
  • 15. White Pastel Sheet (15 X 9 cm)
  • 16. Printed Paper (10 X 10 cm)
  • 17. Pastel Sheet – 7 X 8.5 cm(3 Piece)’
  • 18. Printed Paper – 6.5 X 8 cm(3 piece)
  • 19. Pastel Sheet (15.2 X 15.2 cm)
  • 20. Pastel Sheet (18 X 18 cm)

Note: – You can buy these products online at a very reasonable price or can buy from local art and craft store.


1) Take quilling strip and quill it using quilling strip, lose it from the end and make a big circle, paste it using glue and press it (as shown in the video). Repeat this step for more petals.

2) Take another quilling strip and quill it using glue. Press it from the center and apply glue to it by which it will not open.(as shown in video)

3) Now. take a small piece of pastel sheet and apply silicone glue on it, arrange all the petals on it.

4) Take quilling strips and quill it. Now loose it from the end and press it. Now fold it from center using quilling needle and then again open it (as shown in the video)

5) Take two quilling strips of 3mm and 5.5 inches and quill the using quilling needle.

6) Now, take pastel sheet square and apply silicone glue and paste all the petals on it (as shown in the video).

7) Take quilling two quilling strip and quill the together (as shown in the video).

8) Take a quilling strip of 3mm and 5.5 inches and quill it using quilling needle, loose it from the end and then paste it end using glue and then press it.

9) Take pastel sheet of 18X18cm and make marks of 4cm and make cuts on its corner using a scissor. Fold them (as shown in the video).

10) Now, paste them using glue as shown in the video.

11) Take pastel sheet of 15.2X15.2 cm and make marks of 2.5 cm, make cuts on it corner using scissors and fold them, paste them using glue (as shown in the video).

12) Take three pastels (7X8.5cm) and printed sheet (6.5X8cm) paste all the printed sheet on pastel sheet.

13) Take pastel sheet of 15X9cm and fold it half, now paste those three sheets on using glue (as shown in the video).

14) Now, paste tag on it using double sided tape and flower using glue.

15) Paste printed paper of 10X10cm on box using glue. Now, paste ribbon on it using a glue gun.

16) Decorate the box by pasting flowers and quilling strips (as shown in the video).

17) Decorate the card using metal charms and photographs.

Your amazing DIY gift box with a card is ready, hope you guys have enjoyed this craft.
Give this DIY card to your mom and express your love. Stay tuned for more DIY Mother’s Day crafts.


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