DIY Mobile Stand using Cardboard

This crafting hours tutorial is all about how to use waste cardboard and make a cute DIY mobile stand using cardboard. For this craft you need not be perfect, you can do this craft with your kids. They will surely love this DIY craft activity. If you are new to this DIY craft then you need not worry, this the easiest craft. You just have to follow few easy steps and the best part of this craft is you don’t have to spend a lot of money. So are you guys ready? Grab your crafting stuff and without any further adieu let’s get started.

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Material Required

  • 1. Scissor
  • 2. Cardboard Cutouts
  • 3. Black and White Sheet
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Cutter
  • 6. Compass
  • 7. Printed Tape
  • 8. Glue
  • 9. Ruler
  • 10. Color Sheets
  • 11. Cardboard Cutouts

Note: – You can buy all these products online at very reasonable price.


1) Take cardboard and cut and cut it using the cutter as shown in the video.

2) Paste all the cardboard cutouts together using glue.

3) Now, take color sheets, make circles from them and cut them using scissor as done in the video.

4) Paste all the strips on cardboard stand using glue.

5) Decorate it by pasting printed tape using glue as done in the video.

6) Take white pastel sheet, make clouds on it and cut them using a scissor. Paste all the clouds on that mobile stand.

7) Take black pastel sheet and make eyes and lips from it, paste it one that cardboard.

Your DIY mobile stand using cardboard is ready, hope you guys have enjoyed this DIY craft. Stay tuned with us for more similar DIY crafts.


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