DIY Mother’s Day – Square Circular Card Step by Step Tutorial


DIY Square Circular Card

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a DIY square circular card for mother’s day. This is the most amazing DIY craft. This craft can be made by beginners also, they can make this DIY Mother’s Day card very easily. You just have to follow these simple steps. Even you can use this cards as general, you can make this card for yours friend and relatives on their birthday or for any occasion.So, grab your crafting material and let’s get started.

Material Required for square circular card

  • 1. Glue
  • 2. Foam Double Sided Tape
  • 3. Scissor
  • 4. Pencil
  • 5. Bone Folder
  • 6. Glue Gun
  • 7. Ruler
  • 8. Satin Ribbon
  • 9. Foam Flowers
  • 10. Printed Papers
  • 11. Pastel Sheet
  • 12. Printed Paper

Note: – You can buy these products from any art and craft store or can buy online


1) Take pastel sheet of 15 X 15 cm (4 pieces), fold them using a bone folder. Make marks of 0.5 cm and cut it (as shown in the video).

2) Paste all the four sheets together using glue (as shown in the video). Now, take printed papers of 6 X 6 cm (12 pieces) and paste them on our square circular card using glue.

3) Take the satin ribbon and paste it on paste sheet as shown in a video.

4) Take another printed paper and paste it on the satin ribbon using glue.

5) Paste images inside the card using glue. Now, decorate the front side of the card by pasting tags and foam flowers.

Your DIY square circular card is ready, give this card to your mom and express your love. Hope you have enjoyed this craft. stay tuned for more craft.


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