DIY Paper Flowers for Home Decor, a Very Easy, Simple but Stunning Home Decor Crepe Paper Craft.

For this Craft Activity, You need…

1. Crepe Duplex Paper
2. Floral Tape
3. Craft Wires
4. Ruler, Pencil, Scissor
5. Glue
6. Cotton
7. Colored Sand

All this material you can buy online at a very reasonable prices.

DIY Paper Yellow Flower Bud- Did you know you can also make flower buds with paper crafts? Yes, learn to do the same with this paper flower craft activity.

This Crafting Hours video will teach you how to make a bunch of yellow flower buds with leaves.

You can use these paper flower buds along with a bunch of other paper flowers and make a beautiful bouquet of handmade flowers. To use them as decorative items, you can keep it in vase in your living room and use as a table centerpiece.

It will completely enhance the beauty of your DIY Home decorations. You will find an easy step by step method in this tutorial video which you can follow even if you have not done any crafting activity before.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your crafting materials and make these beautiful paper flower buds now! ”


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