DIY Photo Album Card

Is your friend’s birthday is coming, and you haven’t bought anything for him/her? Do you want to give them something different and priceless? Then you can try this amazing photo album card. This is one of the best gifts you can give to your friend or anyone else. If you haven’t made any DIY card or craft before then this crafting hours tutorial will surely help you to make this DIY Photo Album Card. You just have to follow these few easy steps. Without any further adieu grab your crafting stuff and let’s get started.

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  • 1. Ribbon
  • 2. Pencil
  • 3. Eraser
  • 4. Glue
  • 5. Ruler
  • 6. Bone Folder
  • 7. Scissor
  • 8. Heart Shape Tag
  • 9. White Tag
  • 10. Punching Machine
  • 11. Embossing Tool
  • 12. Printed Paper
  • 13. Pastel Sheet

Note: – You can buy all these products online at a very reasonable price or can buy from any local art and craft store.


1) Take Pastel sheet (3 pieces) of 10 X 20 cm, horizontally make marks of 10 cm and join them by making a line. Fold them and paste all the three sheets together as done in the video.

2) Take another pastel sheet (3 pieces) of 10 X 30 cm, horizontally make marks of 10 and 20 cm and fold them using a bone folder and embossing tool. Paste them (as shown in the video).

3) Now, take pastel sheet and make the heart shape and cut them. Take printed paper (3 pieces) of 7 X 7 cm, paste all the heats on the printed sheet using glue.

4) Take six pieces of printed sheet (9 X 9 cm) cut their corners into round shape using a scissor. Paste them inside the card.

5) Now, take three pieces of printed sheet (6 X 9 cm) and paste them as shown in the video.

6) Make pastel sheet(5 X 8 cm) and printed sheet (4 X 7 cm) tag, paste printed sheet on pastel sheet and make a hole at the top using punching machine.

7) At the end paste photographs of your friend and write messages for him/ her and tie ribbon and tag on it.

You DIY Photo Album card is ready, hope you have enjoyed this DIY craft. Stay tuned to our channel for more DIY crafts.


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