Back to School: 10 Awesome DIY Pencil Cases

Let's Organize The Pencils With Help of DIY Pencil Cases.

diy pencil case

DIY Pencil Case – What if anyone asks you to go back to school? It may be a dream come true movement for all of us. So, if you would love to go back to school then you need to do some preparations before it. Get a school bag, uniform and more. However, pencil box is one more thing you need to have. So, don’t worry here are some of the best DIY pencil case ideas listed which are perfect for your kid.

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1. Center Zipped DIY Pencil Case

DIY pencil box6One of the cutest things you can make for your kids is this DIY pencil case. The best thing about this cute case is, it’s really easy to make. Just try to fill the color, which are loved by your kids or you and start making this DIY pencil box. Follow the image source link for full instruction.

2. Rusty DIY Pencil Pouch

DIY pencil box2The cuteness of this pencil box is getting more heights. The professional use of washi tapes to make something unique is the greatest thing to do. To make this cute DIY pencil box you need washi tapes and printed cloth. How to make it follow the instruction through the link.

3. Cute Homemade Pencil Case

DIY pencil box8To make something cool, adding more colors might be not a good idea. Going with simple and few solid colors will get the difference at the next level. To make this cute DIY craft try two colors and similar colored zip and you are done. The level of the craft is intermediate so, you can easily make it at home.

4. Cereal Box DIY Pencil Holder

DIY pencil box1Square shapes are always in trend. So, to make a pencil box trendy you can try cereal box, which is almost like a light weighted cardboard. For more steps follow the link. Plus, you can also try best out waste from the newspaper.

5. Amazing DIY Pencil Roll

DIY pencil box8This is one of the easiest and awesome things you can do with a felt cloth to make a pencil roll. Just take a felt cloth and make start cutting few halls and fix the pencils and you are done. Plus, you can also use the felt to make the DIY jewelry box.

6. DIY Crochet Pencil Pouch

DIY pencil box4To make this DIY project for pencil case and to add the personal touch to your kid’s school life, you need 2 waste toilet paper rolls and yarn. Just follow the steps which are listed in the link below and you are done handsomely.

7. No Sew Pencil Case

DIY pencil box3Origami crafts are so much popular in crafting world. This pencil case is almost based on the features of origami crafts, where you need to mold the paper sheet from various points and you are ready to store the pencils.

8. Plastic Bottle DIY Pencil Box

DIY pencil box7Every day we all use plastic bottles, and after a slight use, this bottle is considered as the waste. However, you can make some useful products making plastic bottle craft. So, this time you can make cool plastic bottle pencil case. Which is really looking nice and amazing.

9. Duct Tape and Storage Bag

DIY pencil box10People love to make some different, which will help them to grab the audience. This cool and outstanding idea is one of the best ideas to take the homemade pencil case at the different level. You should try this if you want to make your appearance more stunning.

10. Plastic Container Pencil Box

DIY pencil box5Simplest DIY homemade pencil idea ever. Just find an old plastic container, fix a printed paper sheet inside it and you are done.

So, are you ready to go back to school now? Try making these ultimate ideas of DIY pencil cases which are really amazing and cool. Moreover, you should also try to use waste material to make something useful, like best out of waste from CD or best out of waste from bangles.


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