DIY Easter Egg Pop Up Card

Make DIY Easter cards that will look better than any commercial greeting card. This egg pop up card is so easy to make and it will always fun to make with kids. In this card eggs will pop up in the center on opening the greeting card along with a heartwarming Easter message.

This Crafting Hours tutorial will show you how to make beautiful pop up easter cards. So, get ready with your crafting stuff and follow these easy steps.

Material Required

  • 1. Double Sided Tape
  • 2. Glue Stick
  • 3. Ruler
  • 4. Black Marker Pen
  • 5. Scissor
  • 6. Paper Designer and Pastel Sheets

Note:- You can buy these materials for any local art and craft shop or can buy them online.


1) Take white pastel sheet and fold it into half. Take green pastel sheet and make marks of 1.5 cm as shown and cut them using scissor. Paste green sheet into white sheet using double sided tape.

2) Take green sheet and make marks of 14 cm and 20 cm cut it. Take white pastel sheet and make marks of 12 cm and cut them off. Now, paste green sheet rectangle on card and white sheet rectangle on green sheet. (as shown in video)

3) Take white sheet rectangle (12.5×10 cm) and fold it into half. Make oval shape on it and cut it off.

4) Take printed sheets and make oval shapes on them and cut off. Paste all the oval shapes inside the card using glue stick. (as shown in video)

5) After pasting all the shapes decorate it by writing message and making borders on it.

6) Take printed sheet and make small oval shapes. Cut them off. Paste double sided on them.

7) Write your Easter wish on front side of card and paste all the small oval shapes. (as shown in video)

Your DIY Easter card is ready. Hope you like this activity. For more Stay tuned.

Just follow the step by step instructions shown in this tutorial to make this Easter card.

Even if it is your first time in thee world of handmade greeting cards, you will have lot of fun in this pop up card making activity before the Easter Day.

If you want another idea for easter card, you can also check out this DIY Happy Easter Card.


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