Handmade Valentine Triple Easel Card.

Expressing your love through DIY valentine card can be a wonderful feeling. Try this triple easel card for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

How to make a beautiful greeting card at home in the form of a triple easel card. Expressing your love through DIY love card can be a wonderful feeling. Triple easel card is one of the best handmade display cards.So, get ready with your crafting stuff.

Material Required

  1. Scissor
  2. Double Sided Tape
  3. Ruler
  4. Colorfull Pens
  5. Pencil
  6. White Pastel Sheet & Red Handmade Sheet


1) Take white sheet and fold it half and make hearts on them by using red hearts of different size and cut them(as shown in video)

2) Now , fold one end of the shape that we get and mark half of divided page (as shown in video)

3) Place all the three shapes together and paste them .Make small hearts on it and decorate it.(as shown in video)

4) Make hearts of different size using red and white sheet. Paste white hearts on red hearts.

5) Write message on them. Paste them on card (as shown in video)

Hope you have enjoyed making this Valentine’s Day Card. Give this to your loved one on February 14 this year.

Moreover, a DIY Valentine Easel card is even better than a general homemade greeting card. You can make this card for boyfriend or girlfriend or life partner.

Even if you have not made any handmade love card before, this triple easel card tutorial will help you make a unique card quickly.

So, grab your crafting kit and watch this tutorial now to make this card.

Hope you enjoyed this Valentine greeting card.

If you want another idea for greeting card,you can also check out this Happy Valentine’s Day Card.


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