DIY Valentine’s Day Pop Up Card

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a valentine pop up card. This pop up card has everything to express your feelings to your dear ones! It is one of the best homemade Valentine’s Day cards you can try for your boyfriend or girlfriend. So, get ready with your crafting stuff and follow these simple steps.

Material Required

  1. Double Sided Tape
  2. Ruler
  3. Scissor
  4. Pencil
  5. Colorfull pens
  6. Black Marker
  7. Red Sketch Pen
  8. A4 Size Pastel Sheets (2 white, Red , Green)


1) Take white pastel sheet and make marks of 7 cm, 14 cm, 21 cm and 24 cm and join them by making lines. Make marks of 2 cm. Fold them by using cutter. (as shown in video)

2) Now, take green sheet and make rectangle of 28x21cm. cut it off with scissor. Fold it into half and paste that white sheet into it with the help of double sided tape.

3) Now,take red (6.5×6.5cm) and white (5.5×5.5cm) sheet and cut the squares. Take white sheet squares and cut their corner in round shape.

4) Now, paste white square on red sheet and red sheet squares inside the card by using double sided tape and make outline in it. (as shown in video)

5) Take hearts ( we had cut them earlier) and paste them inside the card. Make outlines and write your message on them(as shown in video)

6) Now, decorate the card from inside by writing message on it and by making hearts over it.

7) Take red (12.5×19.5cm) and white (11x8cm) sheet . Paste white sheet over red sheet with the help of double sided tape and red sheet on the front side of card and decorate it by paste hearts over it and write message on it. (as shown in video)

Your DIY Valentine’s day pop up card is ready. Give this pop up card to your dear ones and express your feelings to them.

Crafting Hours brings you another exciting DIY love card making tutorial that will show you how to make a Valentine card.

This special card has everything to express your feelings to your loved one! It is one of the best greeting card making ideas you can try for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Moreover, you need not have a prior experience in making handmade pop up cards to make this Happy Valentine day card at home.

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