Twirling Heart Pop up card

There is nothing a best gift then handmade gift to expression your love towards your loved ones.So, here we are with a new and unique valentine’s day greeting craft. So, get ready with your crafting stuff and follow these simple steps.

Material Required

  1. Ruler
  2. Thread
  3. Double Sided Tape
  4. Pencil
  5. Glue
  6. Wooden Stick – 15 cm
  7. Detail Knife
  8. Colorful Pens
  9. White pastel Sheet And Red Handmade Sheet


1) Take white sheet and make line of 12.5 cm , 1 cm , 3.5 cm and 5 cm line in horizontal line , 1.3 cm vertical line and 1 cm line of horizontal line. start cutting lines with the help of detail knife. Fold the sheet into half (as shown in video)

2) Take red sheet and fold it into half and paste white sheet into red sheet .

3) Take wooden stick and paste a white strip on its top and bottom. Insert it into the white sheet.(as shown in video)

4) Take thread and tie it with card and wooden stick (as shown in video)

5) Take red sheet and make hearts with them and paste them on white sheet and on wooden stick (as shown)

6) Take white sheet make rectangle and hearts on it and write wish on it and paste all the hearts on the front side of card and write message on them.

Your twirling card is ready . Hope you have enjoyed this DIY Valentine’s Day Card. Gift this to your dear ones and express your love to them.

Homemade valentine cards cannot get better than this one. This is also one of the best cards for kids who would love to swirl and twirl this card. You will find easy step by step instructions to make this card.

Even if you have never made any handmade greeting cards before, you can easily make this card!

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