DIY Paper Gift Box Step By Step. Learn how to make a handmade gift box out of paper with Crafting Hours.

For this activity you need…

1. Origami Paper Sheets (A4 size)
2. Printed Designer Papers
3. Satin Ribbon
4. Pencil, Ruler, Scissor, Paper Cutter
5. Glue Stick

You can buy all this stuff easily online.

DIY gift boxes are one of the best ways to give a brilliant touch to your homemade gift items such as edibles, cookies, etc. When you can make homemade gift boxes, there is no need for you to look for other gift wrapping ideas. This video tutorial will teach you how to make a paper box and turn it into a beautiful DIY gift box. You will find step by step instructions in this video which will make you an expert in making paper gift boxes. You can use these DIY gift boxes for any occasion such as birthday parties, festive occasions, homemade Christmas gifts, and so on. So, without any waiting longer, gather your crafting materials and start making DIY gift boxes.


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