DIY Flower Craft – How to Make Paper Daisies Flowers.

Aren’t daisy flower absolutely breathtaking? Now you can make paper daisies that look as gorgeous as real daisy flowers.

For this Craft Activity, you need to buy…

1. Duplex Crepe Paper Sheets (White, Green, Yellow)
2. Craft Floral Wire
3. Floral Paper Tape
4. Glue/Adhesive
5. Pencil
6. Scissor

All this material is easily available to buy at any local art and craft store, or you can order it online too.

Welcome to another exciting flower craft tutorial on Crafting Hours. Paper flower making is an immensely interesting activity and when you can make flowers of your favorite choice, then it is like a cherry on cake. Daisy flower is one such flower that is loved by everyone.

You may not be able to grow them but you can make paper daisies that look almost real as well as last longer than actual flowers.

It is very easy to make paper daisy flower as you just need to follow the step by step instructions shown in the video to make these daisy paper flowers.

So, next time someone asks you how to make daisy flower, you can do this flower craft and surprise them with your imagination and creativity. Keep exploring Crafting Hours to learn how to make paper flowers of different designs!


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