DIY Paper Quilling Teddy Pattern Bookmark

In this tutorial of crafting hours , you are going to learn how to make these quilled teddy bear pattern bookmarks in just few easy steps. This could be the best craft activity for your kids. Grab your crafting material and follow these simple steps, surely your kid is going to enjoy these unique bookmarks with quilling pattern.

Material Required

  • 1. Glue
  • 2. Pearls
  • 3. Quilling Strips
  • 4. Printed Sheet
  • 5. Scissor
  • 6. Sheet with Same Design
  • 7. Paper Rope Ribbon Twin
  • 8. Quilling Needle

Note:- You can buy these product at any local art store or can buy online.


1) For face, take 3 quilling strips and join them together, roll them using quilling needle.Just loose little at end and paste it using glue.

2) For body,take 5 quilling strips and join them together , roll them using quilling needle.

3) For hand ,legs and ears, make 6 circle .

4) Now paste the printed sheet on sheet using glue.Take paper rope ribbon twin and tie it on top (as shown in video)

5) Then, start assembling all the parts of teddy on that sheet using glue and paste pearls for eyes.(as shown in video)

Your DIY bookmark is ready.Hope you have enjoyed thi craft.If you liked it kindly give thumb’s up to this craft.

Your kids are simply going to love making these unique bookmarks with quilling pattterns of teddy bear on them. From this quilling tutorial, you can learn how to make paper quilling bookmarks with teddy patterns on it.

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