Paper Quilling Earring Jewelry Tutorial – Give a unique, funky touch to your style by making fabulous quilling matching jewelry at home.

Wonderful thing is… its super easy and very cheap.

You just need…
1. Quilling Strips
2. Quilling Tool (Part of Quilling Kit)
3. Scissor
4. Adhesive/Glue
5. Earring Hooks

You can buy this material online easily.

Paper quilling is not a complicated crafts activity which you can easily learn. This Crafting Hours tutorial will teach you how to make beautiful quilled jhumkas of yellow-black color.

Making your own jewelry can be an immensely satisfying experience as you get to make customized earrings as per your choice. Hence, you will love this DIY Jewelry tutorial on paper quilling earrings.

You will find a simple explanation with detailed steps to make these gorgeous quilled earrings of yellow black color combination. Just get ready with your quilling tool, quilling strips, glue, and other materials and hit the play button.

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