Simple Quilling Earring Stud making – Make a beautiful pair of quilling earrings at home with this stepwise tutorial.

This Crafting Hours video will show you how to make quilling earrings step by step and add to your quilling jewelry set. It may look as a simple paper jewelry but don’t be fooled by its looks.

These paper quilling earrings can transform your look on any day with their stunning appearance. You can wear these quilling earring on any occasion but be prepared to receive a lot of compliments.
Learn how to make paper quilling earrings step by step. You can wear these earrings on any occasion and you can gift them to your dear ones. DIY paper quilling earring looks very beautiful nowadays, these jewelry look very pleasant and adorable. You can make these earrings in very less time. So, grab your all crafting material and ley’s get started.

Material Required for Quilling Earrings

  • 1. Glue
  • 2. Scissor
  • 3. Quilling Needle
  • 4. Bone Folder
  • 5. Ruler
  • 6. Quilling Strips (3mm and 11 inches long)
  • 7. Quilling Strips (3mm and 18 inches long)
  • 8. Hooks and Small Rings

Note: -All this material you can buy online at a very reasonable cost or you can purchase them fro any local art and craft store.


1) Take a quilling strip(3mm and 18 inches long) and cut it half.Now, take quilling strip of 3mm and 11 inches long and paste them together and quill them using a bone folder (as shown in the video).

2) After quilling it, make “S” shape from it. Now take two quilling strip and quill them using quilling needle and put that quilling inside that shape (as shown in the video).

3) Take small quilling strip and quill them and make a circle from that as shown in a video.

4) Now take another quilling strips and quill them and make a loose circle. After making loose circle press it, and put that circle inside it and rape that quilling strip again (as shown in the video).

5) Take the small ring and out that “S” shape quilling and hook into it.Now, paste all the petals using glue (as shown in the video).

Here, your paper quilling earrings are ready, hope you have enjoyed this DIY craft activity.Stay tuned for more crafts.


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