DIY Best out of Waste Earrings

Learn how to make designer earrings using newspaper and waste material. This is one of the finest DIY DIY Best out of Waste Earrings craft which you can make. You just have to follow few easy steps. If you want to try something new then you should try these awesome earrings which are made by a newspaper. You can give these earrings to your friend, girlfriend, mother, sister on their birthdays. These newspaper and waste material earrings are the best things that you can make from waste newspaper and you don’t need to spend lots of money on this craft. So, are you guys ready? Grab your crafting stuff and without any further adieu let’s get started.

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Material Required for First Earring

  • 1. Newspaper
  • 2. Cutter
  • 3. Scissor
  • 4. Ring
  • 5. Pin
  • 6. Hook
  • 7. Ball Chain
  • 8. Silk Thread
  • 9. Chain
  • 10. Beads
  • 11. Fabric Glue

Note: – You can buy all these products online or buy from any local art and craft store.


1 Take newspaper and make stick from it. Now, take those strips and join them together, roll them (as shown in the video).

2 After making a ring from it, take silk thread & a piece of cardboard and wrap the silk around it.

3 Paste silk thread on that newspaper ring and wrap it.

4 Decorate the ring using beads, ball chain, and chain. Now, tug hook and ring into it (As shown in the video).

Material Required for Second Earring

  • 1. Fabric Glue
  • 2. Half Pearls
  • 3. Hook and Pin
  • 4. Chain
  • 5. Ball Chain
  • 6. Pastel sheet Piece
  • 7. Scissor

Note: – You can buy all these products online or buy from any local art and craft store.


1 Take pastel sheet pieces and make a cone shape from them, paste it corners using fabric glue. Cut the above waste part of it (as shown in the video)

2 Now, decorate them with half pearls, ball chain, and stone chain.

3 Put pin into it and tug hook on it.

Your two most beautiful earring are ready, hope you guys have enjoyed this craft. Stay tuned with us for the more similar and exciting craft.


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